Completely Organic Turf Management Plans (No contracts, just give us the say so to get the job done.)


We start from 'the ground up' to develop healthy soils which become the foundation for healthy plants and a healthy environment.

Our granular fertilizer products are 100% organic (not hybrids like other companies).

We have 3 great options which could fit your organic lawn care needs:

Beginning Organics Plan
Organics Plus Plan
Full Sun Bluegrass Plan


There are also a la carte enhancements which you can add into your plan, or use as a stand alone option for your home.  Call us at any time with questions you have regarding the health of your lawn.



Beginning Organics Plan

A great intro step into beginning organic lawn care practices. This plan focuses on giving the grass its needed yearly nitrogen for happy growth. The fertilizer is scheduled to be applied during normal seasonal growth changes. Get started today with the minimum your lawn needs to be happy and green.

Beginning Organics Plan Notes:
Ease of mowing
No extra watering
Perfect plan to get started with organic fertilization
Cut the lawn at a minimum of 3 inches


Organics Plus Plan

This is a more balanced approach than the Beginning Organics Plan by adding and splitting fertilizer to more intervals throughout the year.  This option also includes beneficial micro-organisms which are added to the lawn at key times of the year. These micro-organisms turn the existing soil resources into nutrients for the lawn.

Advanced Plan Notes:
Good for a higher level of performance over the Beginning Organics Plan option
Includes beneficial micorganisms
Minimum 3 inch lawn cutting height preferred
Summer watering is recommended


Full Sun Bluegrass Plan

Meeting the most demanding needs of sunny blue grass lawns, this option is ideal for those lawns which get watered all year long and have clippings removed from the property. This plan also includes pH balancing.

Full Sun Bluegrass Plan Notes:
Lawns can be cut lower than 3 inches
Watering required with this plan (irrigation system preferable)
pH balancing is included



A La Carte


Core aeration with mycorrhizal top-dressing

Performed during the Fall season, we will core aerate your lawn and cover it with a custom house blend top-dressing which has a mycorrhizal infusion.

Leaf mulch top-dressing

If your soil is lacking nutrients, this option may be for you.  Partially decomposed leaves are added as a top-dressing over the top of the lawn to add nutrients, bacteria, and texture to rebuild your soil.

Pre-emergeant applications

Our one and only step into herbicides.  Pre-emergeants don't kill existing weeds you have in the lawn.  They stop weed seeds from germinating. If you have a very low tolerance for weeds, this enhancement may be appropriate for you. Only offered as an added option. Not included in organic fertilizer plans.

Fall-time over-seeding / Year round spot-seeding

Over-seeding and filling other bare spots with grass seed might be right for you if your lawn looks sparse.  Filling bare areas in the lawn is the number one step into stopping weeds from growing.

Grub control

All natural Nematodes love to eat grubs! Yummmm... Two applications per year are needed to attack both life cycles of grubs.

pH balancing

Included in our Full Sun Bluegrass Plan, pH balancing is a great way to ensure the grass in your lawn is getting all the nutrients it can from the soil.


Payment Plans

Our Beginning Organics Plan is billed out after each service with a Net 15.  This is the same for our a la carte enhancements, if you choose these services as a stand-alone visit.

The Organics Plus Plan and Full Sun Bluegrass Plan can be pre-paid at the beginning of the year (March) with a 10 percent discount.  Otherwise, the total amount for all applications will be split into even payments and billed with a Net 15 across 8 months (April-November).  A la carte options can be added into the equal payment split option.



star bubbleThe Garden My Home Guarantee!

If you are not happy with your scheduled Organic Lawn Cutting Service...

Inform us as soon as possible so that we can re-do anything you like for FREE


We will refund your money!



star bubbleNo Herbicides or Pesticides

We start from 'the ground up' and build better soil.  Better soil means better plants and great lawns.


Referral Program!

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